Annual Report Writing

Annual Report Writing

The annual report is the publication that businesses and non-profit organizations pay good attention as it reveals the financial statements and notable progress of a year. Writing articles, copy editing, graphic design, and proofreading are the basic tasks involved with the production of an annual report.

WritersCafe put together a team of skilled writers to provide organizations with article writing service to proofreading, everything that is necessary for compilation of an annual report. We offer the below services that you could make use for your next annual report –

  •  Article writing
  •  Data Visualizations
  • Copy Editing
  • Proof Reading
  • Infographics

Article Writing

WritersCafe provides creative writings for an Annual Report to help you present your yearly activities to your stakeholders, government, and your audiences. Here we are a team to write articles for your Annual Report including CEO’s report, messages, and statements.

Data Visualization

Annual Report editors in this modern age tend to use data visualizations instead of laying out large spreadsheets on the pages. In this busy world, readers too do not show interest to figure out a trend from hundreds of rows and columns. Instead, they find it easy to see the trends and outliers in charts, pies, and other graphic forms.

WritersCafe provides Data Visualization service in Bangladesh. Clients can ask for the below types of data visualizations from us –

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Maps

Copy Editing

Editors put emphasis on the overall arrangement of an Annual Report – from article writing to final production. Above all, the editor put extra focus on the texts. The size of an article, writing style, punctuation marks, correctness of spelling, etc poses a huge challenge, which the editor cannot afford to avoid. WritersCafe is always ready to serve the editors with everything related to the article’s writing style and correctness.

Proof Reading

Proofreading is the task that no editor should avoid in order to ensure the publication free from mistakes. Every editor put his/her contents under a proofreader’s scanner to make sure that there is no unexpected space between the words, all punctuation marks are correct and in the right place, grammar and spellings are correct too.

Why should you get assistance from our expert proofreaders? Because we provide professional proofreading services in Bangladesh.


Infographic is a creative visualization of a thousand-word story through a few graphic elements. It does a lot when annual-report type publications are compiled. An annual-report editor could take great advantage of using infographics in order to visually present a big picture that involves data, trends, and relationships of many events. Readers also can easily understand a big story through infographics without reading a bunch of texts.

You are welcome to call us for everything you need in order to build a compelling infographic presentation of events and projects for your next publication. 

We understand every editor hopes to receive a WOW appreciation from the readers on the published Annual Report. But things not always happen as desired. Readers surely would shower you with appreciation when they find a stunning mix of innovations and creativity in your presentations.

WritersCafe does not claim “We are the masters” but we guarantee we could assist your editorial team to help you deliver a wonderful publication. We give our best to help you compile a remarkable annual report and publication of this type.

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