Copy Editing

Copy Editing

Copy editing service in Bangladesh

Simplicity, style, and presentation are the elements that readers appreciate in the texts and eventually, act upon. Professional copy editors ensure these merits in text contents through rigorous error check and distraction cleaning. WritersCafe is well-organized to provide such professional copy-editing services in Bangladesh.

After we accept an editing assignment, our professional copy editors read the primary content carefully to find out areas where editing required. In the case of online usage, our editors run keyword research to ensures SEO that eventually boosts your digital marketing efforts.

Clients can get copy editing support for English and Bangla from our editorial service provider agency.

Comprehensive Editing Service

WritersCafe offers mechanical and substantive editing as clients want. Mechanical editing concentrates on improving the texts through minor actions, for example, correcting spelling errors, grammar, sentence structure, and tense consistency.

On the other hand, substantive editing looks deep into the content for improvement of clarity, readability, plagiarism, structure, and presentation through advanced editing. Rewriting parts of the work to clear ambiguity and ensure smoothness is another highlight of substantive editing.

You can choose either of these two forms for your next publication whether it be a blog, annual report, newsletter, press release, project proposal, training manual, or any type of content that deserves a well dress-up.

Professional Copy Editors

Copy editors that WritersCafe brings into its fold are with experiences and special skills to look for specific flaws and shape up written works such a way that the writer might not have thought of. Our copy editors read your work as your readers will, and furnish it to connect with them as effectively as possible.

We all write every day but are not trained editors or proofreaders. Consider WritersCafe as your expert hands for professional copy editing who will shape up your written works to stand out in the crowd.

Proof Reading

WritersCafe provides proofreading service in Bangladesh with skilled copy editors. Our copy editors carry out a proofread of your content once they are finished with editing so it is perfect for publication. It is done on the client’s demand.

Proofreading by a fresh pair of eyes ensures the readiness of a publication.

Besides checking for spelling, font type and size, and typographical errors, our copy editors also weed out errors in punctuations and capitalizations while proofreading.

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