Transcription service in Bangladesh

WritersCafe put together a professional structure for transcription service in Bangladesh. All types of transcription needs can be met at the same place now. A pool of professional transcriptionists is here to cater to your business transcription demand in quick turnaround time.

Human Transcription

There are many speech recognition software in the market to help you with transcription. They are good at completing a project in a blink of an eye. Correctness? This is where humans have no substitutes. 

WritersCafe does not rely on machines as 99% correctness is promised to the clients.


Professional transcriptionists at WritersCafe dive deep in response to the client’s demand for verbatim transcription. 

What is the verbatim transcription? This way of transcription files every single sound that is recorded in the audio e.g: grammatical errors, fillers (um.., uh.., you know.., etc.), mumbles (In- In- In- In fact), false starts and incomplete sentences, repetitions, non-verbal communication, and ambient sounds.

99% Accuracy

While transcribing, WritersCafe carefully looks into details to deliver accurate transcription. A clear audio/video file is a prerequisite for this purpose. Highly skilled transcriptionists with excellent performance get hired who conduct precise review and quality checks in phases. If needed, they verify the transcription at the final stage with the client to find out if there is any mismatch between the audio and transcription.


WritersCafe responds to a client’s request for timestamps from beginning to the end of the transcript texts. What is timestamping? Timestamping is about inserting the exact time of a word that was recorded in the audio. This way, the transcriptionist inserts time in the paragraphs of transcription texts at specific intervals.

Conversation Transcription

WritersCafe undertakes assignments to transcribe audio/video files that consist of multi-speaker conversation. In this case, the speakers are marked as “Male speaker 1”, “Male speaker 2”, “Female speaker 1”, “Female speaker 2” etc in the transcription.

Fast Turnaround

A team of expert transcriptionists is given responsibility for a project in case the client asks for fast delivery. A supervisor takes charge to coordinate the whole project and ensure the correctness of the transcript. 

Transcription Summary

The transcription summary is what the client likes to see at the beginning of the transcript texts.  It allows readers to catch a glimpse of what it is all about. WritersCafe provides a synopsis of the whole transcript on demand.

Types of Transcriptions we do:

Business Transcription Services:

Meetings, Seminars, Speeches, Conferences, Plenary Sessions, Dialogues, etc.

Market Research transcription services:

Focus groups, Interviews- Face to face, telephonic, etc.

Academic transcription services :

Lectures, seminars, research, academic interviews, dissertation, thesis, etc.

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